04/30/2015 07:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thursday's Morning Email: Freddie Gray's Arrest Report Comes Under Fire

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FREDDIE GRAY ARREST REPORT COMES UNDER FIRE "A leaked police document that claims Freddie Gray was 'intentionally trying to injure himself' while in the back of a police van in Baltimore after his arrest is being questioned due to inconsistencies with earlier reports. Gray died a week after his videotaped April 12 arrest due to injuries sustained under uncertain circumstances while in police custody, sparking protests in Baltimore and around the nation." In New York, thousands rallied to protest Gray's death. [Andrew Hart, HuffPost]

SUPREME COURT FACES DEATH PENALTY CASE Justice Anthony Kennedy, expected to be the swing vote, gave little indication of his feelings on the matter. And the White House has backed away from calling for an end to the death penalty. [Oklahoma Watch]

PAKISTAN SENTENCES MEN WHO ATTACKED MALALA TO LIFE IN PRISON The ten members of the Pakistan Taliban who made an attempt on Malala's life as she was heading to school received life sentences. [Jade Walker, HuffPost]

AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION HELPED JUSTIFY TORTURE "The American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with the administration of President George W. Bush to bolster a legal and ethical justification for the torture of prisoners swept up in the post-Sept. 11 war on terror, according to a new report by a group of dissident health professionals and human rights activists." Read the full report. [NYT]

SURVIVOR PULLED FROM NEPAL WRECKAGE FIVE DAYS LATER The boy survived by breathing through a miniscule air pocket. [USA Today]

WALL STREET VS. US GOVT OVER FOREIGN BRIBERY LAWS "Wall Street banks are embroiled in an intense dispute with the U.S. government over its 'aggressive' interpretation of foreign-bribery laws, a flurry of legal wrangling in a probe with broad implications for how corporations do business overseas, according to people familiar with the matter." [WSJ]

TESLA TO UNVEIL MYSTERY PRODUCT Rumored to be some sort of souped-up battery. [USA Today]

IT'S OFFICIAL Bernie Sanders is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, and as he put it, "People should not underestimate me." [Samantha Lachman, HuffPost]


SOFIA VERGARA'S EX-FIANCE TAKES EMBRYO BATTLE TO NYT OPINION PAGES "When we create embryos for the purpose of life, should we not define them as life, rather than as property? Does one person’s desire to avoid biological parenthood (free of any legal obligations) outweigh another’s religious beliefs in the sanctity of life and desire to be a parent?" [NYT]

UBER, A COMPETITOR FOR AMAZON? "Uber is planning to launch a merchant delivery program that would allow online shoppers to get same-day delivery of goods through both UberRush couriers and Uber drivers." [TechCrunch]

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A FEMALE '21 JUMP STREET' With the "Broad City" scribes at the helm, the shenanigans should be endless. [HuffPost]

SO MANY SHADES OF GRAY Welcome to the granny hair trend. [HuffPost]

CALVIN HARRIS AND TAYLOR SWIFT ARE OFFICIALLY A COUPLE Or as officially as these photos can make it. [HuffPost]

UP YOUR CHOPPED SALAD GAME Summer is fast-approaching. [HuffPost]


HOMELESS AND PREGNANT TO THRIVING "Each month, for seven and a half years and counting, mom and portraitist Keri Vaca makes time to photograph society's most vulnerable women. Her clients are homeless and pregnant. Virtually all were born into poverty, and many have battled addiction or are survivors of domestic violence. But each sought support from a celebrated nonprofit called the Homeless Prenatal Program, founded 25 years ago by a nurse and Peace Corps volunteer named Martha Ryan." [HuffPost]


OBAMA: MY FIFTH GRADE TEACHER "I credit my education to Ms. Mabel Hefty just as much as I would any institution of higher learning. When I entered Ms. Hefty's fifth-grade class at Punahou School in the fall of 1971, I was just a kid with a funny name in a new school, feeling a little out of place, hoping to fit in like anyone else." [HuffPost]


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