9 Ways To Show Mom (And The Rest Of The Internet) How Much You Love Her

There’s no shortage of ways to communicate with the ones we love. And whether you prefer to use Facebook or FaceTime, technology now allows us connect more visually and creatively than ever before.

Between texts, tweets, Instagram posts and more, there are many unique ways to show you care through your favorite apps and websites. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming at times. So we’ve partnered with Best Buy to bring you 9 ways to modernize the Mother’s Day “I love you” card. Put down the paper and try out these thoughtful, 21st century-inspired expressions of love your mom deserves.

1. Make her a custom emoji
Sure, you could text mom the typical hearts (red and pink, of course), roses and box of chocolate emojis, but why not go the extra mile and create an emoji of your mom? Download the imoji app and upload her photo to generate a personalized sticker that you can use on iMessage, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

photo credit: imoji

2. Create a Pinterest board inspired by her hobbies
Does Mom love experimenting in the kitchen? Gardening? Travelling? Put together a custom Pinterest board inspired by the things you know she’ll love.


3. Dedicate a #ThrowbackThursday post to her
Chime in on the always-trending #ThrowbackThursday hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with a retro mom-and-daughter pic.

4. Tweet her best advice
Moms are chock-full of brilliance, and let’s face it, they’re almost always right. Spread your mother’s age-old wisdom by using the #MomKnowsBest hashtag on Twitter.


5. Share one of her Facebook posts
Give mom the Facebook love (and likes) she deserves by sharing her latest photo or status update.


6. Make her a Spotify playlist
Remember when compiling a mix tape was the official symbol of love? Well, it still is… sort of. Gather your mom’s favorite songs -- or ones that just remind you of her -- in a Spotify playlist. Share it with her, and play it during Mother’s Day festivities.


7. Start a virtual family tree
She always said she wanted help mapping out the family tree. Today’s the day to get one started using’s free Family Tree Builder.

family tree

8. Include her in your cover photo
It may be a simple gesture, but the cover photo is prime real estate on your Facebook profile. Use a recent or nostalgic picture to show her (and the rest of the internet) just how much she means to you.

cover photo

9. Make a digital photo collage
Put together a collage of your all-time favorite photos of you and your mom using the Pic Stitch app. Play around with different templates to find the one that suits your mom’s taste, and share it publicly on your social media accounts, or in a personal email just to her.

photo collage

For more tokens of appreciation for your very modern mom, head over to Best Buy's Mother's Day Gift Center. Check out the slideshow below to start brainstorming!

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