Overwhelmed, Time-Strapped Mom Of 3 Says She Goes 4 Days Without Showering

Leah, a married mother of three who helps manage her family’s business, says she is overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and desperate to take better care of herself.

"My dream would be just to sit on the couch for five uninterrupted minutes and read a book," says the 34-year-old from Long Beach, Calif. "Many days, I feel frazzled and overworked. I have no time to take care of myself."

A typical day starts at 5:30 a.m. with getting breakfast ready for her husband, getting the kids up, feeding them, getting the older ones out the door for school, cleaning up, and then switching gears to focus on the business. "Maybe around lunchtime I finally get around to drinking my cold coffee," she says.

Leah says her appearance has taken a backseat, because she's so strapped for time. "Some weeks, I don't get a chance to shower for, like, four days. I just re-apply deodorant and more makeup on top of the old makeup," she admits, turning to Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin, for help juggling it all.

Robin, a mom and grandma, tells Leah that trying to be a supermom is a losing battle. "We all start out wanting to be supermom, but trust me, I learned there really is no such thing as supermom," says Robin. "We women are busy. We have so much on our plates to do, and it's truly impossible to do it all. You can cook three meals a day, but they're just going to wake up hungry!"

She tells Leah, who admits she washes her face with shampoo to save time, "I'm just telling you: Take note, you have to take some time for yourself. Make a choice to put yourself first and give yourself some time."

Leah has not had a vacation away from her children, even for one night, since the kids — ages 8, 4, and 1 — were born. So Dr. Phil and Robin have a big surprise for her on Friday's episode of Dr. Philcheck local listings here.

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