The Sweetest Mother's Day Messages From Dr. Phil And His Son Jay

In the new book A Letter To My Mom, celebrities, everyday people and kids share letters of gratitude to the women who raised them. Watch as Dr. Phil reads an excerpt from the letter he wrote to his mom. Though she passed away three years ago, he speaks to the impact she continues to have on his life and the lives of his wife, Robin, and sons, Jay and Jordan.

He says, "The 'footprint' of your willing spirit and loving heart are more deeply etched into us than Jay and Jordan’s baby handprints were in the concrete sidewalk in front of our Texas home. Robin and I marvel at how your kindness, courage, strength, optimism, and rock solid values have found their way into our whole family right down through our grandchildren ... Love like yours has such a 'ripple effect,' because your tenderness and wisdom has been passed along to the next generation of McGraws."

Dr. Phil, the only son in a family with four children, adds, "From you, I learned how to be a compassionate, engaged, loving husband, father and man; even at my age, I still do my best to not disappoint you."

Then, Dr. Phil's son Jay surprises his mom, Robin, with a heartwarming message of his own. "I've always known that I had an amazing mother. But I realized recently that you can't fully appreciate your parents until you become one yourself," says Jay, 35, a father of two.

See why the entire audience is moved to tears in the video above.

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