05/05/2015 02:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dad And Sister Of The Bride Say Destination Wedding Is Too Expensive And Selfish

In the video above, Lisa laments that her dad has spent thousands of dollars traveling to the Ukraine for a so-called "mail-order bride" he's never met, but may not make it to his own daughter's destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico, in part because of finances.

"I don't want to spend $1,500 to go to a wedding!" says her dad, Carl, who's been at odds with his daughter over an inheritance. He adds, "It is not only about finances. It's also I don't feel it, like I really want to do it. It's, I guess, because we have this conflict all the time. I don't feel all lovey-dovey and in tune with this whole thing."

Lisa responds, "When I think about the fact that he doesn't want to come, it is really devastating. It hurts my feelings so much."

When Carl says that his daughter could have chosen a local venue for her wedding — "a nice place somewhere near where we are" — instead of asking family to incur the expense of travel, Lisa's sister, April, chimes in. "There's no way that I can spend three months' rent, probably four months' rent, to go to Mexico for five days," she says. "I think it was selfish of you to decide summarily to eliminate your friends and part of your family in order for you to do this destination wedding. You could have had a wedding here and gone to Cancun for your honeymoon."

How will this family resolve their differences? Watch Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, when Carl drops a bombshell, telling Lisa that he wonders whether she and her twin sister, Jennifer, are even his daughters.

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