05/05/2015 10:09 am ET Updated May 05, 2015

'Morning Joe' Interview With Freddie Gray Family's Attorney Gets Awkward

The "Morning Joe" panel found themselves in a strangely awkward situation Tuesday morning during an interview with the attorney who is representing Freddie Gray's family, Billy Murphy.

Murphy is in the spotlight this week after it was revealed that he gave considerable campaign donations to Maryland state’s attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, during her election -- the same Mosby who announced Friday that the death of Freddie Gray will be considered a homicide, and that she will move forward to charge all police officers involved. Murphy, who will represent Freddie Gray's family in trial, is also reportedly Mosby's mentor.

But when MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski pressed Murphy on the obvious "conflict of interest," he would not acknowledge it.

"Where's the conflict?" he said. "Nobody's pointing it out to me."

Murphy made the point that the Baltimore police union, who is alleging this conflict of interest, also donated thousands of dollars to Mosby's campaign.

"The conflict would be that you are the attorney for Freddie Gray's family, and [Mosby] has now had six cops arrested in his death," Brzezinski explained. "I mean, you see the conflict."

"Where is the conflict?" Murphy asked again.

"He should work for the Clinton agency," Brzezinski said to co-host Joe Scarborough.

She continued to imply that there would be some impression of a conflict because Murphy had once financially supported the prosecutor that is now working on a case involving his client. But Murphy maintained that he had no idea what this conflict would be.

"I don't mean to befuddle everybody," he said.

"We're not befuddled," Brzezinski said. "You don't need to be condescending."

"People are alleging conflict but then can't articulate it," Murphy finished.

"I've articulated it nine times," Brzezinski replied.

This article has been updated with additional details from Murphy's initial response to the question.