05/06/2015 12:18 pm ET Updated May 06, 2015

Vienna Soccer Mascot Shows Up To Work Tipsy, Wipes Out

Super Leo the lion looks like he's super drunk.

The man who performs as the Austria Vienna soccer mascot celebrated his 42nd birthday on Saturday, reports ESPN, the same day he was scheduled to take the field and cheer his team to victory over Wiener Neustadt in a match in Vienna.

Leo -- apparently having had one too many drinks earlier in the day -- dutifully tried to rouse the crowd. But he fell a bit short -- literally. The lion mascot toppled over while running onto the field, and there he stayed, collapsed in a heap atop the costume's cape.

Lacking in courage, the lion found a liquid substitute.

In a video of the incident, Leo valiantly struggles to his feet in time to tell off paramedics, then wobbles woozily off the field. Leo wasn't injured, per the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 'spirited' show appears to have done the trick: Austria won the match 2-1.

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