05/08/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2015

The 15 Phases Of Getting A Haircut. No One Is Immune.

Getting a haircut is nothing short of a religious experience, regardless of whether it's a routine trim or a big chop.

Everyone handles the process differently. Some people are cool as a cucumber, while others freak out at the mere prospect of taking a scissor to their strands. Either way, there are some feelings, happenings and thoughts that go on every single time.

They are:


1. A decision is made.

Either you've reached your limit of sticking stray hairs to the wall in your shower or your ends have started to resemble straw. It's time to pick up the phone.

2. You fantasize about going big.

Could this be the moment you finally get that pixie?

3. Friends and family chime in.

"You don't really have the bone structure for a pixie, dear."


4. You remember how amazing it feels to have your hair washed by another person.

"I wish I could have this every day!" you joke.

5. But also how uncomfortable lying your head against a big ceramic sink feels.

No matter where you move, it hurts. You'd never dare say something, though.

5. Not to mention how uncomfortable the smock feels around your neck.

Seriously, does it really have to be this tight?

6.Self-loathing ensues.

With the smock choking you and your hair flat and wet against your face, you think, "That's what I look like?"

7. Followed by uncertainty.

Suddenly you're not sure how many inches you want cut off. Do you want layers? Bangs? TOO. MANY. OPTIONS.

8. A wave of disgust washes over you.

Is that hair in my mouth? Yes, that is definitely hair in my mouth.

9. You start to get impatient.

"Didn't you cut that side already?"

10. You feel like a celebrity.

Why yes, you would like to have your hair blown out.

11. It starts to grow on you.

Once it's done, you LOVE it. After all, it's just hair, right?

12. You immediately regret not scheduling a return date immediately after your appointment wraps up.

Someone has GOT to see you lookin' this good.


13. You start to feel frustrated.

Why can't I ever get it to look like this at home?

14. It grows.

And grows, and grows.


15. A decision is made.

The cycle continues.



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