05/08/2015 12:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Happiest Countries In The World Might Also Be The Prettiest

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If you're looking to take a trip to the happiest places on Earth, then here's your bucket list.

Every year, the World Happiness Report analyzes a number of nations and then ranks them in order of happiness. Countries are measured based on factors like living standards, employment rates and earnings. Of course, some of the top countries make big investments in healthcare, too.

When looking at this year's results, one thing becomes stunningly clear: The so-called "happiest countries on Earth" may perform well on official metrics, but they also have some seriously striking landscapes. In fact, they're so incredibly beautiful that we've got to wonder if happiness and the sheer beauty of a country are related.

See for yourself: this year's 10 happiest (and potentially prettiest) countries on Earth are...

10. Australia
Perfect coastlines, pink lakes and oceanfront swimming pools are just a few reasons life is good in Australia.

9. New Zealand
From beaches to mountains to volcanic lakes and craters, New Zealand is heaven for adrenaline junkies.

8. Sweden
There's a sourdough-bread-themed hotel. And regular crayfish parties. And IKEA originated here. Oh, and the skylines are pretty beautiful, too.

7. The Netherlands
Any country that has a town without cars is the perfect place to unplug during a digital detox trip.

6. Finland
Whether it's winter, spring or any other season, this cultural wonderland has both bustling cities and isolated islands to explore.

5. Canada
The ultimate Canadian road trip will take you past ice fields, archaeological sites and the stunning Banff National Park.
banff national park

4. Norway
Kick back in a fisherman's cottage on a fjord or chase the Northern Lights to truly experience one of the greatest countries on Earth.

3. Denmark
The capital of Copenhagen is best conquered by bike. Denmark offers a whole slate of nature escapes, too.

2. Iceland
Iceland is quickly becoming a popular exploration spot. Get there before everyone else does to hike waterfalls, soak in blue lagoons and scuba dive between continents.

1. Switzerland
Switzerland is a dream, especially in summer. Hop a train to run through fields of wildflowers and waterfalls. It's no wonder this is the happiest country in the world.



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