05/08/2015 01:46 pm ET Updated May 08, 2015

Keith Olbermann Wants Tom Brady Suspended For A Year For Deflategate

ESPN's Keith Olbermann didn't hold back while airing his grievances against Tom Brady Thursday, saying the Super Bowl-winning quarterback should be suspended a year for his role in Deflategate and his mishandling of the scandal.

"They need to suspend Tom Brady for a year -- one day for the inflation, 364 days for everything else," he said in his commentary during his ESPN2 program.

Olbermann said an apology from Brady was in order, concluding, "The real inflategate tragedy here is Tom Brady blowing this whole thing up from comparative trivia to the needless destruction of his own reputation."

Olbermann earlier zeroed in on the "innocent until proven guilty" defense of Brady's father.

"In a courtroom you're innocent until proven guilty. Everywhere else, like in a private company like the National Football League, or even in a government, 'probable' is plenty. Ask Richard Nixon. Ask Dan Rather. Ask Pete Rose."

Brady said at an appearance on Thursday night that he had yet to digest an NFL-commissioned report which determined that, "more probable than not," team workers deflated footballs for the Patriot's AFC Championship victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Jan. 18. As for Brady's role in the scheme, the report stated that he was probably "at least generally aware" of it.

Watch Olbermann's full commentary above.

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