05/12/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2015

13 Instagram Photos We're All Guilty Of Posting

It seems like not a day goes by that we don't see an Instagram photo of a group of girlfriends jumping in front of some famous landmark, or a screenshot of a hilarious text message conversation between friends. Instagram was basically made for clichᅢᄅd photos, and we're all a little guilty.

We've rounded up up 13 of the most clichᅢᄅd Instagram photos we see on the social media platform, and we're willing to bet that you've posted at least one, if not all 13 of them. We know we certainly have. Go ahead, scroll through an Instagram account and try to not find a single one of these shots.

1. The airplane window shot. Because everyone needs to know you're going somewhere amazing.

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2. The sandals and flowers shot. Because it's finally spring and you got new shoes.

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3. The letter balloons shot. Because you're celebrating and everyone should know.

4. The strategically placed sunglasses shot. Because you're having a good meal and your sunglasses are nice.

5. The latte art shot. Because when you pay $6 and up for a coffee, the moment should be documented.

7. The casual selfie shot. Because it casually took you 45 minutes to perfect.

8. The Starbucks fail shot. Because your name is so exotic.

9. The legs by a beach/pool shot. Because everyone should know you're not at your desk right now.

10. The "I'm at the gym" shot. Because, let's be honest, you went for the Instagram.

11. The brunch shot. Because you waited two hours for this food.

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12. The succulent shot. Because they are the new peonies. (Bonus points if you managed to get avocado toast in there, too).

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12. The cute animal shot. Because your dog is the most adorable. Period.

13. The nail art shot. Because this s*** took hours.



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