05/12/2015 09:42 am ET Updated May 12, 2015

Former CIA Deputy Director Tells Fox News One Interesting Difference Between Bush And Obama

Win McNamee via Getty Images

The man who was responsible for briefing the president every day on matters of intelligence told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning that there is one key difference in the way George W. Bush and Barack Obama absorb information.

Michael Morell, a former deputy director of the CIA who was with the agency for 33 years, delivered the president's daily brief to both Bush and Obama.

During an interview, Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Morell what the differences were between briefing former President Bush versus briefing President Obama. Morell said some things were very similar, explaining that both presidents "craved intelligence."

The difference between the two men, he said, was how they took in the information they received.

"President Bush best absorbed it by having a conversation like we're having," Morell said. "President Obama absorbs it best by reading it."

"But do you know that he reads it every day?" co-host Brian Kilmeade pressed.

"Yes," Morell said sternly. "Yes."

Nice try, Kilmeade.