05/12/2015 08:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HENSE's Spectacular Down Under Street Art Rises Above The Rest

Amoeba-like shapes bubble across a curved, concrete structure, gracing the functional building with a playful air. The pink circles seem to dance across a yellow background, and the effect is both natural and energizing. The design is certainly an upgrade from what its canvas looked like before –- a drab row of grain silos towering above the ground. The upgrade is the work of Alex Brewer, aka HENSE, whose street art has been popping up on streets and Apple storefronts everywhere.

For his latest project, the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist was commissioned to paint four massive grain silos in Northam, Western Australia. Though a few extra tools might’ve been involved than in his typical work –- a crane was needed to reach the top of the silos -– the project still involved just spray paint and enamel, and the final product is mesmerizing.

street art 1

It’s not just the height of the silos that’s dizzying. HENSE’s token aesthetic features a bright blue pattern than resembles off-kilter brickwork, and a gnarl of magenta doodles à la Willem de Kooning. That his fun patterns seem offhand is in keeping with the medium of street art. But his work has been shown in more deliberate places, including an installation in the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Alabama. Naturally, he was asked to paint a grid of works on a billboard for the exhibit, too.


Though he's been experimenting with indoor installations more and more -- including a commissioned wall at Facebook's headquarters -- his flair for large, public works is more evident than ever with the grain silos, which is his second largest exhibit to date. Take a look at the process and final product below:

Hense's Western Australia Grain Silos


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