05/12/2015 11:56 am ET Updated May 13, 2015

Hero Reporter Shauna Hunt Rightfully Shames Sexist, Obscenity-Spewing Soccer Fans

That'll show them.

Toronto news reporter Shauna Hunt was covering a Toronto FC soccer match Sunday when she heard a fan yell a familiar, tired refrain at her outside the stadium. We're not going to say it ourselves, but it's the same lewd phrase that got Jameis Winston suspended for a game at Florida State last season.

Hunt, who works for City News, wasn't having it, so she put the knuckleheads in their place, asking them on air, "Why would you want to do something like that?"

"It's a disgusting thing to say," she said. "It's degrading to women."

She later added, "When you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, it's disrespectful and degrading to me."

After the well-deserved dressing-down, one member of the group said his mother would die of laughter at the stunt. That man, identified as Shawn Simoes, was reportedly fired from his job for his behavior.

This is something that happens to reporters on a daily basis but on Sunday at the TFC game it was out of control,” Hunt told the Toronto Sun. “I had intoxicated men yelling it at me. I was interrupted during interviews and was anxious about going live. I felt like a piece of meat. I had reached my limit, and it was time to push back!”

Hunt kept it professional while exposing the fans for the jerks they are. Well done.

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This story has been updated with details about one of the alleged pranksters.

Correction: An early version of this story had the wrong opponent.



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