05/13/2015 03:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hot 2016 Scoop: Jeb Bush Slips Up, Tells Reporters He's Running For President, Unless He Isn't


HOLY COW YOU GUYS. Got some habanero salsa hot 2016 scoops coming down the Internet garbage chute for you, courtesy of the dedicated reporters of NBC News. Today, it involves former Florida governor and Iraq War hypothetical-question misadventurer Jeb Bush. So, what's the haps?

jeb bush headline

Hoo, boy. Got a classic lapsus linguae coming at you. Big news that Bush "dropped," right in front of some reporters. Anything more specific?

jeb bush deck

OH NO HE DIDN'T ("reference" the election).

Let's go to the video.

REPORTER: Is there anything you would have done differently from your brother?

BUSH: I'm running for president in 2016, and the focus is going to be on how we, if I run, about how we create high, sustained economic growth. And I will apply my record and the ideas that are relevant going forward to all of this. Of course I have differences with every previous president.

Did you hear that? OMG you guys, Bush admitted that he is "running for president in 2016." HUGE gaffe, y'all. Huge. Nice try at a walk-back, Jeb, with that "if I run" clause in the next breath. Everyone heard you, slipping up in front of the cameras.

So there you have it: Jeb Bush is running for president, definitely, unless it's not definite, in which case it's impossible to be sure.

(Also he has differences with every previous president, so I'm a little surprised the headline isn't, "JEB BUSH DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM REAGAN, LINCOLN.")

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