Mayor Walsh Won't Weigh In On Death Penalty For Boston Bomber Until 'It's Over'

While prosecutors pushed for the death penalty Wednesday in closing arguments of the Boston bomber murder trial, the city's mayor Marty Walsh (D-MA) declined to say whether he believed defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be put to death for killing four people.

Walsh told HuffPost Live on Thursday morning that he won't publicly reveal his stance on whether Tsarnaev should be put to death, or sentenced to life in prison without parole, until the jury has reached their decision, because "as an elected official, we shouldn't be grandstanding on that issue."

"I've not given my opinion on what should happen. I'm allowing the jury to make their decision there. When it's over, I'll make my feelings be known," he said.

The Mayor did make it known that his thoughts and support are with "the victims and the families that were affected by the marathon bombing," as well as the jury who's currently determining Tsarnaev's fate.

"The jury has all the facts now and we'll see what happens with that," he concluded.

Watch more from Mayor Walsh's conversation with HuffPost Live in the clip above.

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