05/14/2015 01:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Shopping Struggles That Only Short Men Would Understand

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It's no secret that men 5'8" and under get the short end of the stick -- especially when it comes to buying clothes. Pants always pool on the ground, sleeves are way too long and shoes are far too big.

Although there are a few stores that are starting to cater to shorter guys, many retailers haven't made the necessary strides. To really get to the root of the problem, we asked our Facebook community: What are your biggest pet peeves as short male shoppers?

We collected some of our favorite answers that perfectly illustrate the 13 most frustrating things men 5'8" and under experience while shopping.

1. "Sports apparel -- apparently the standard-sized football jersey is meant to be worn as a muumuu." -- Facebook user Marc Ki

2. "I feel like all pants look like parachute pants. I found a perfect-fitting suit in the boys' section at Kohl's last year. I'm 5'5" with my ego in the morning." -- Facebook user Trevor McGuire


3. "My husband has an awful time finding pants that fit. They are always too long and too baggy. Why don't they have short, average, and long pants like they do for women's sizing?" -- Facebook user Melissa Missi Quon Huber

4. "5'3" checking in. It's almost impossible to get shorts that fit in length. Shorts come way past my knees." -- Facebook user Timothy Camus, Jr.

5. "'One size fits all' socks -- that's BS! I wear size 8 shoes and 99 percent of dress socks are too big. How can you label socks 'shoe size 6-12'?????" -- Facebook user Paul Barras

6. "Finding shirts without cartoon characters or childish designs." -- Facebook user Raymond D. Drayer III

7. "Pants are difficult to find. I have to pay more for the tailored slimmer fits since I am short and thin. A generic 30x30 at a department store makes me look like MC Hammer." -- Facebook user Carl Andrew

8. "I know a guy from India who has all his clothes sent to him from home, because in order to find stuff that fits him here, he has to go to the 'boys' section of most department stores." -- Facebook user Bruce Alan Wilson

9. "Every store is sold out of small shirts. Always." -- Facebook user Zach Snow

10. "No store anywhere stocks pants that will fit someone 5'6" or shorter, who is not also stout." -- Facebook user Warren Buckingham

11. "Having jeans hemmed is an expense and the hem never looks quite right." -- Facebook user David Wheeler


12. "Some store employees treat you like one size fits all." -- Facebook user Douglas Dockey

13. "Being that 5'8" is the mean/average and [the] most common height in the world, clothing stores always stock 3 times as many clothes for guys who are 6'4" and 300 lbs." -- Facebook user John Bryant

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