05/16/2015 01:55 pm ET Updated May 21, 2015

Someone Requested All Of The FCC Complaints Against '30 Rock,' And They're Magical


Ain't no filth like Liz Lemon filth.

Tina Fey's "30 Rock" ran for 138 episodes, garnering more than 100 Emmy nominations, but apparently it should've been taken off the air far sooner, thank you very much.

The fine people of MuckRock requested every FCC complaint lodged against the sitcom -- there were only nine, but some viewers took strong offense to the "crap" broadcast by NBC.

Many people were upset with the show's language, including moments where Fey's character Liz Lemon "called someone a son of a bitch" and an unidentified actor said, "Kiss my daughter's ass." A particularly dismayed viewer was offended by the line "Have you been soaking your tampon in vodka?" and ended their complaint chastising the character Jenna Maroney for "kissing a man dressed as a woman."

And of course the network sensation "MILF Island" was mentioned by a foul-mouthed complainer: "M-I-L-F is acronym for 'Mother I'd Like to Fuck' This is shameful ... Where in the WORLD is the decency rules and why are they not being enforced."

Maybe the network should've run with "Queen of Jordan" instead.

Take a full look at all of the complaints below:



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