05/18/2015 12:59 am ET

Fan Waits 2 Years to Catch A Ball, Then Gives It Away... Or Did She?

A dogged fan at the Royals-Yankees game in Kansas City on Saturday caught a ball after nearly two years of waiting, then immediately gave it away to a child.

But according to one local news report, she may have had a change of heart and tried to get it back.

The woman sitting by the Royals dugout reached out in front of a child to catch the ball, which had been tossed into the stands by a Royals player, then theatrically kissed her biceps afterward. It may have been a little long-overdue revenge, as the same woman was seen on camera almost catching a ball in 2013... only to have a kid snag it at the last moment.

The story seemed to have a happy ending for everyone when she turned around and gave it to a child anyway. But one local news station thinks she may have tried to get it back -- showing video of the woman apparently saying "Give me my ball back" shortly afterward.

"I think what happened was she thought she was off camera," KCTV-5 sports reporter Brad Fanning speculated. "She wants her ball back."

It's not clear if she was actually trying to get the ball back, just messing with the kid or speaking to someone else entirely. But if she really wanted to keep the ball, maybe she should've pulled this sneaky move instead.



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