05/18/2015 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'For Me This Resume Will Never Be A Reality': Impoverished Girls Remind Us Why Education Is Critical

Though India is rapidly developing economically, its girls are being left behind. But that could all change if three audacious girls with big dreams have anything to say about it.

Indian girls made up 62 percent of all out-of-school children in 2008 due to a host of inequities, the Guardian reported.

Girls are often expected to spend their days fetching clean water for their families, they’re mandated to drop out and marry young or they simply can’t go to school because they don’t have the funds.

While the Salaam Bombay Foundation, a group that works with 50,000 children in Mumbai, has seen an uptick recently in the number of girls who are interested in pursuing education, it didn’t have the resources to support the growing need.

So, it tasked three of its brightest pupils with applying for real-world jobs to inspire corporations to get involved.

With the help of a recruiting agency, the participants drafted resumes based on their ambitions and dressed in business casual attire for their interviews.

It dubbed the campaign the “Resume Project.”

While the hiring managers were shocked to see pint-sized aspiring professionals before them, they were perhaps most stunned when they reached the bottom of each resume the girls submitted. In bright, bold letters, the final line read: "For me, this resume will never be a reality. But you can change that."

Within a matter of a month, the foundation received enough funds to educate more than 200 girls.

“These girls have taken the first step,” Sulaksha Shetty, who works at Abbott Healthcare, said in the PSA produced by FCB Ulka. “I think now it’s our turn.”

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