05/18/2015 12:49 pm ET Updated May 18, 2015

Jim Gaffigan On Letterman's Departure: 'We're Really Gonna Miss' His 'Absence Of Phoniness'

Jim Gaffigan thinks America is unaware of the loss it is about to incur when David Letterman concludes his 33-year run on late night television. The legendary host retires from "The Late Show" this Wednesday, May 20.

"What's interesting is, I don't think people realize the impact of the Letterman sensibility," he told HuffPost Live in a Friday conversation about "The Jim Gaffigan Show."

"Today we view him as king of ornery and moody and brilliant and funny and insightful, but that's in comparison to the warmth of Ellen and Jimmy Fallon," Gaffigan continued. "And I'm not criticizing Ellen or Jimmy Fallon -- I'm just saying there's an authenticity and absence of phoniness to Letterman that I think we're really gonna miss."

With Kimmel, "there's a sarcasm there," said Gaffigan, whereas Letterman has stayed earnest from the get-go.

"I always describe it as Letterman went into the entertainment industry but remained midwestern," the comedian explained. "George Clooney's from Kentucky; does he seem like he's from Kentucky? Not really."

Watch more from Jim Gaffigan's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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