05/19/2015 09:58 am ET Updated May 19, 2015

Claire McCaskill Is So 'Done' With 'Game Of Thrones'

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) has had enough.

The Missouri Democrat, who often personally opines on newsy topics via her Twitter account, on Tuesday sounded off against a particularly brutal scene in the latest episode of "Game of Thrones," HBO's TV adaptation of the fantasy book series "A Song of Ice and Fire."

Fans of the series erupted in outrage on Sunday after young Sansa Stark, one of the show's few remaining beloved protagonists, was raped by her new husband, Ramsay Bolton, a psychopath who has an affinity for skinning people alive. The "Black Wedding," as it is being called by fans online, never occurred in the books -- Sansa's friend is subjected to Ramsay's torment instead.

Author George R.R. Martin defended the showrunners' prerogative to alter source material as they see fit.

"The show is the show, the books are the books; two different tellings of the same story … There have been differences between the novels and the television show since the first episode of season one. And for just as long, I have been talking about the butterfly effect. Small changes lead to larger changes lead to huge changes," Martin wrote in a Monday blog post.

But that wasn't enough for McCaskill, who also took issue with an uncharacteristically goofy fight scene in the Water Gardens, a palace in Dorne. Politicians, they're just like us!



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