05/20/2015 10:14 am ET Updated May 20, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Confirms No One Pays Attention To 'Dancing With The Stars'

If you happened to miss the North Korean dictator on the "Dancing with the Stars" finale, it's probably because that never actually happened. Just don't try to tell that to these people.

"Dancing with the Stars" just completed Season 20, and it's at the point now where Jimmy Kimmel wonders if anyone even watches the show anymore. To find out, he sent a camera crew out to ask people if they saw Kim Jong Un in the finale. As ridiculous as that sounds, there were people who believed the dictator was there dancing his heart out.

Kimmel also recently convinced people that Robert Durst was in the "American Idol" finale. Yeah, it's all lies, but judging by the responses, alleged murderers and dictators sound like they are pretty strong contestants.

Please don't get any ideas, show producers.



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