05/21/2015 09:01 am ET Updated May 21, 2015

Eric Stonestreet Apologizes To Jim Parsons For Sex Toy Prank Gone Wrong

Eric Stonestreet is sorry about pulling Jim Parsons into an elaborate prank that involved an embarrassing package containing a "very explicit sex toy."

"First of all, I just want to offically apologize to Jim Parsons for being all of a sudden mentioned in this horrible prank," Stonestreet told HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "He's like, 'I didn't ask for this.' I feel bad for Jim in all this. He's the real victim here."

The apology came when host Caitlyn Becker asked Stonestreet about a story with the following headline: "Eric Stonestreet Sends Sex Toys to Jesse Tyler Ferguson: How Jim Parsons Is Involved." That article described Stonestreet's attempt to prank his "Modern Family" co-star and on-screen husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who never got the naughty package and worried it was accidentally delivered to "Big Bang Theory" star Parsons, his neighbor.

So Ferguson forced Stonestreet to clear the air with Parsons, and the explanation came with quite an unexpected wardrobe.

"That day this happened, I was dressed up as Fizbo the clown, so he made me send Jim a little iPhone video saying, 'Hey Jim, Eric Stonestreet here -- Fizbo the clown! I sent Jesse a sex toy, and if it got to you, it's my fault. He didn't order the sex toy,'" Stonestreet recounted. "I had to do a disclaimer for Jesse, but as Fizbo the clown."

Stonestreet stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his work with Ready. Raise. Rise., a campaign to spotlight immuno-oncology and cancer research.

Watch Stonestreet discuss his prank gone wrong in the video above, and click here for his full HuffPost Live conversation.

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