05/26/2015 06:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

17 Reasons Being In Your 50s Is So Freakin' Fantastic

If you could live out the rest of your life at any age, in good health, what would it be? Sixteen? Thirty? Forty? According to a 2013 Harris poll of 2,242 adults, the magic number is 50. (Interestingly, when Harris asked the question 10 years earlier, the answer was nearly a decade less: in 2003, the perfect age was 41.)

So, what makes 50 so fabulous? Some say it's because, at 50, you have wisdom, as well as the time to do something with it. You're young enough to reinvent yourself and old enough to have the confidence to make things happen.

And there are other reasons, as well. We asked our Facebook community: "What's the best thing about being in your 50s?"

Behold, 17 reasons being 50-something is pretty freakin' great.

1. "Getting to hear these clauses from my daughters more often as they grow older: 'You are right, Mom! …Thank you for everything, Mom! … I love you, Mom!'" -- Facebook user Tweetie Thuy Dao.

2. "Confidence." -- Facebook user Cheryl De Primio

3."I just lost my job, I have no health insurance, and I'm almost broke. The best thing about my 50s? Not having any excuses that keep me from pursuing my dreams to help make the second half of my life magnificent." -- Facebook user Maureen Richards Spataro

4. "I'm past the awkward forties!" -- Facebook user Karina Hilton

5. "I can burst into dance in the middle of the mall and people just say 'it's okay ... she's just old' so now I have the power to be as crazy as I want because 'I'm just old and out of my mind!' I love the power!!! Look out world!" -- Facebook user Sharron Nolley.

6. "I make my own rules and take shit from no one." -- Facebook user Frankie Montiforte

7. "Complete lack of fucks to give -- about so many things -- it is a gift to realize how much of what I used to worry about is truly unimportant." -- Facebook user Kristine Bolander

8. "That I'm not in my 60s, lol." -- Facebook user Lora Pfundheller

9. "Having the wisdom of 50 years behind me!" -- Facebook user Janine Spencer Thiemann

10. "I dress how I want ... so I can be comfortable. I don't worry about wearing the nicest shoes with heels." -- Facebook user Ann Carter.

11. "Great sense of who I am. No holds barred." -- Facebook user Colleen Bloxham

12. "Being a member of AARP. Those younger can't join or touch it. It belongs to 50+ YAY." -- Facebook user Judith Taylor

13. "I've finally learned not to compare myself to others as it just takes time away from living my life to the fullest." -- Facebook user Jan Neilson

14. "I know who I am, like who I am and my strengths, and no longer need to apologize for who I am." -- Facebook user Janise Bachler

15. "My kids are older, and I'm really enjoying them more, and my parents are still alive and healthy." -- Facebook user Sue Trott

16. "I know what I want in the bedroom and I'm not afraid to ask for it. And I'm not going to get pregnant!" -- Facebook user Samantha S.

17. "Being old enough to be smart and young enough to have fun!" -- Facebook user Anne Miller Seidel

No matter your age, what are the things you love most about the decade you're in?



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