05/29/2015 02:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Design And Culinary Treasures That Remind Us Why We Love Italy So Much

This is the Italy we love

beautiful italy

The Italian landscape has always been a great attraction. The nature, the masterpieces of art, the enchanting cities. The quality of life is special. To let oneself go is only natural. And the Italians? Stereotypes depict them as outgoing and gallant. Lovers of the “Made in Italy” brand admire their creativity and know-how.

We have decided to introduce our readers to Italian excellence. Entrepreneurs and artisans, fashion designers and connoisseurs, inventors and farmers. We have selected 12 brands from different sectors: fashion, design, food, manufacturing and cars. This is an arbitrary number, of course. In addition to these 12, we could have picked out another 1,000 more examples of why we love Italy. Unique realities are to be found all over our country. Small, big, famous and secret. But we had to make a choice and we decided to choose quality and audacity as our main criteria. Think dynasties that have succeeded with intelligence, realities that have evolved courageously, and individuals who have walked new paths and come out victorious.

We invite you to read on and make your own ideal list of excellences, which we hope you will one day have the opportunity to discover and love.

Beautiful Italy