06/02/2015 11:02 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2015

Why You'll No Longer Find The Word 'Skinny' On Lauren Conrad's Site

Michael Buckner via Getty Images

Lauren Conrad is banning words from her site -- and it's all in the name of body positivity.

Conrad's lifestyle site covers a variety of topics including healthy eating and fitness. The fashion designer and her team have realized that the terminology they use in their posts about exercise and health isn't exactly positive when it comes to body image. A new post titled "Letter from Lauren: June Shake Up" revealed that the editorial team will soon say goodbye to terms focused on shapes and sizes:

When we’ve talked about getting in shape in the past, words like "skinny," "slim," and "thin" have often come up. Starting this month, we’ll be banning any body shaming terms from the site, and replacing them with words like "fit," "toned," and "healthy." We try do to [sic] this for the most part anyway, but now we’re making it official! The word skinny will now be reserved for skinny jeans. My editorial team and I had a long talk about it, and we want to make sure that the focus is on being fit as opposed to a number on the scale. Every body is created differently -- and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

It's important to note that many women's bodies are naturally thin or slim, but moving the aspirational quality from the words is a positive step. If people are making an effort to make healthy decisions, being skinny, slim or any other shape or size shouldn't matter.

After hearing the news, women expressed their support on Twitter.

For something as simple as replacing a few words, Conrad's move is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to promoting positive body image.



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