06/03/2015 12:00 pm ET

Jill Soloway Invited Caitlyn Jenner To Be On 'Transparent'

Charley Gallay via Getty Images

Amazon's award-winning series "Transparent" is working to tell the most authentic stories they can for the show's second season. Last year, creator Jill Soloway announced her "trans-affirmative action" policy and soon after hired the show's first transgender writer, Our Lady J. And now she wants to incorporate Caitlyn Jenner's story into the show.

During the Brass Ring Awards on Tuesday, Soloway revealed that she's invited Jenner to the "Transparent" set. Soloway told Variety that she doesn't know if Jenner would want to act, but "we definitely want to incorporate the fact that she came out into this season. Just to have that base conversation somewhere in a scene, for sure.”

Both Jenner and Kim Kardashian have told Soloway that they've watched the show together as a family. After speaking with Jenner and Kardashian, Soloway told Vulture she called her transgender parent afterward, who was the inspiration for Jeffrey Tambor's character on the show. "I did call my parent afterwards and say, 'Thank you for coming out. Your bravery allowed me to tell this story. This story allowed the Kardashians and Caitlyn to see a story where a parent came out and everybody survived,'" Soloway told Vulture. "I hope we had some small influence that helped her."

Soloway also commented on Jenner's Vanity Fair cover photo from Monday. “She looks like an angel,” Soloway told Variety. But she also knows that we still have a long way to go, citing Laverne Cox's Tumblr post about Jenner's cover and calling attention to the many fights that still need to be won. "It’s just beginning, and there are miles to go on this life’s journey," Soloway said.

Whether or not Jenner appears in "Transparent" next season, we can look forward to learning about her personal journey in her eight-part docuseries, "I Am Cait," airing in July. In the meantime, "Transparent" fans can check out the new audio commentary for Season 1 of the show, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the show and cast.