06/03/2015 04:17 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2015

Archaeologists Find Woman's 350-Year-Old Corpse Buried With Husband's Heart At Her Feet

French archaeologists announced a remarkable discovery Tuesday -- the perfectly preserved corpse of a 17th century French noblewoman, found buried with her husband's heart at her feet.

Records suggest that the remains are those of Louise de Quengo, who died in 1656 and was the widow of nobleman Toussaint Perrien. The archaeology team was excavating a former Jacobin convent -- which will soon become a conference center -- in the northwestern French city of Rennes when they came across de Quengo's corpse.

Her remains were "exceptional" because they're so well-preserved, the National Centre of Scientific Research said in a statement. Her skin, hair and brain remained largely intact, Le Point magazine reported.

De Quengo was found buried in a nun's habit and cork-soled shoes, because she likely entered the religious life after the death of her husband, according to the scientific research center. The clothes will be restored and displayed, and she will be laid to rest (again) in Rennes.



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