06/03/2015 09:36 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2015

Priority Video 2-2

About four years after the Amity Island shark attacks, two scuba divers find the deceased shark hunter Quint's sunken boat, the Orca, on the seabed before they are suddenly attacked by a huge great white shark. Both divers are eaten, but one of them briefly manages to take a picture of the creature's profile. A few days later, the shark enters Amity Island's coastal waters, killing a water skier named Terry. Diane, the motorboat driver and Terry's mother, is attacked by the shark and she tries to defend herself with gasoline and a flare gun, but the fuel ignites and she dies when the motorboat explodes. The explosion is witnessed by Tina Wilcox (Ann Dusenberry), her boyfriend Eddie Marchand (Gary Dubin), and a senior citizen on the porch of her house by the beach. The shark survives, but is burned on the right side of its head.