06/03/2015 02:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

High School Baseball Teammates Allegedly Have Sex With Sandwich On School Bus

Six high school students in Grand Forks, North Dakota, were suspended for three-to-five days after an alleged incident that involved sex with a sandwich and a bottle of Gatorade.

On May 23, the students, all members of the Grand Forks Central High School junior varsity baseball team, were on a school bus riding home from their last game of the season when the alleged incident happened.

Some of the students supposedly put "bodily fluids" onto a chicken sandwich and into a bottle of Gatorade, and then dared other team members to consume it, Valley News Live reports.

The station said it received a photo of the food involved in the incident, but chose not to show it on air.

Students quickly shared news of the defiled food via social media, arousing the attention of school officials.

Associate Principal Jon Strandell said that six players out of the 15-18 students on the bus were suspended. He wouldn't confirm whether sex with a sandwich was involved, citing privacy concerns, according to KOLO TV.

School principal Buck Kasowski also declined to confirm the exact details of the incident, but told the Grand Forks Herald that no students were forced to consume the tainted sandwich and sports beverage.

Now he hopes to move on from the incident.

"Students make mistakes all of the time. And when they make mistakes, there are consequences," he told the paper. "When the consequences are done, we move on. That's what schools do."

Kasowski said the supervising coach won't be back because his contract expired the day the season ended. However, he insists he isn't blaming the coach.

"Coaches have high standards for student athletes," Kasowski told the Grand Forks Herald. "This will remind coaches to be vigilant in their supervision. We're not blaming the coach. This wasn't the coach's fault."

The Grand Forks Police Department currently isn't investigating the matter because no students were coerced to have sex with or consume the tainted goodies, according to Police reportedly said that if videos or photos of the incident are circulated, child porn charges could be filed.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly located Grand Forks in South Dakota, rather than North Dakota.

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