06/08/2015 01:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

58-Year-Old 'Cougar' Explains Benefits Of Dating Her 24-Year-Old 'Cub'

Pie, 58, says she’s proud to be a “cougar” — an older woman who dates younger men. Her current “cub” is 24-year-old Oleg, whom she has been dating for four months. “Oleg is my darling little cub right now. He’s gorgeous,” she says, comparing his good looks to Orlando Bloom. "Sex with younger men, in my experience, they're just ready to go on a dime."

Pie says although her choice in men may be unusual for some to understand, she’s proud of her dating habits. "I don't see myself as a mother figure to these men but I see myself, honest to God, as a mentor," she says. "Anyone who has an issue with me going out with younger men: Love is love, baby; you never know where you’re going to find it.”

Watch the video above to see where Pie says the "magic" happens, and Pie shares her top 10 tips for dating younger men here.

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