06/09/2015 08:57 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2016

Outspeak: The Online Video Network for Digital Storytellers

Outspeak™ is the online video network that empowers a new generation of digital voices. Powered by BroadbandTV and championed by Perspective, it is built for the opinionated, charismatic and informative storyteller, celebrating unique perspectives on politics, entertainment, lifestyle, business & tech.
Outspeakers don’t hold back. They are the people ready to participate in and shape the conversation surrounding the topics they care about most. Outspeakers look to be empowered by media’s possibilities, not sidelined by its barriers. They’re the ones starting conversations, sharing their perspectives, and paying attention to the community’s reaction. Outspeakers are unafraid and unfiltered. They are ready to be heard, be shared and above all else have an influence on the stories they’re passionate about.

Outspeak™ is a partnership between The Huffington Post and BroadbandTV, one of the world’s largest multi-platform networks, with 4.5 billion monthly views. Join Outspeak™ to speak your mind, drive your ideas and inspire your audience. This is the world in your voice.