06/09/2015 06:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Drunk, Half-Naked Man Breaks Into Stranger's House For Chips: Indiana Police

We've all had cravings for chips in the middle of the night, but most people don't break into a stranger's house in the middle to feed themselves.

Andrew Wozniak, 19, of Greenwood, Indiana, was arrested Sunday after police say he broke into a man's house wearing only his boxer shorts.

The homeowner called police shortly after 3 a.m. reporting a man "standing in his living room, in nothing but his underwear, eating his chips," according to

The caller described the suspect as "incoherent" and pushed him out of the house.

Officers eventually found Wozniak walking down the street in only his boxer shorts. He was arrested after cops tested his BAC, which was at around .106. Despite failing a blood test, Wozniak insisted to officers that he hadn't been drinking, reports.

Wozniak was first taken to the Johnson County Jail, but workers suggested he be checked out at a hospital.

During his time there, Wozniak allegedly yelled to doctors, "I'm going to snap both of you at the same time," according to

Wozniak has since been charged with residential entry, disorderly conduct, possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor and intimidation, according to WISH TV.

The police report failed to mention the brand of chips Wozniak was eating.

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