06/09/2015 12:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7-Eleven Introduces New Faygo Rock & Rye Slurpee Flavor

Summer is just around the corner, which means that "Slurpee season" isn't far behind. Naturally, 7-Eleven is doing its best to make sure that all Michigan and Ohio residents have the best Slurpee season yet.

On Monday night, Detroit soft drink company Faygo tweeted that it was partnering with the convenience store for its newest Slurpee flavor, Faygo Rock & Rye:

The classic vanilla cream pop flavor (which "may or may not" contain a hint of cherry) is the second 7-Eleven slurpee flavor that features Faygo. Stores have been launching regional flavors in states like Michigan for the past year, starting with a Vernors Slurpee. Vernors, which also originated in Detroit, is a delicious ginger ale that many Michigan residents swear can even cure certain ailments.

According to Faygo Beverages, the new Rock & Rye Slurpee has already appeared in some gas station locations around Michigan and Ohio.

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