06/09/2015 10:51 am ET

Giant Toilet Clog In Florida Turns Out To Be Alive Iguana

Talk about a crappy way to go.

An iguana in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, died Sunday after it was pulled from a toilet, reported ABC affiliate WPLG Local 10. Lily Lindquist, 17, noticed the toilet was clogged after she used it. Even after repeated plunging attempts by her mother, Marian, the toilet wouldn't clear.

The Lindquists had to call in an expert. Plumber Alisa Scott, a 12-year Roto-Rooter veteran, thought the iguana she pulled out was a toy, but it soon started moving. "I've never seen anything like this before," Scott told Local 10.

Lily, who was understandably disturbed by the whole thing, said she avoided looking at the creature. "I didn’t want to see an iguana in the toilet that I had just tried to use," she told the news station. “I don’t want to be there when an iguana flies out of the toilet or an iguana bites me when I’m trying to go to the bathroom.”

The iguana, which later died, likely came in through a roof vent.

Earlier this year a 5 1/2-foot snake was discovered in an office building toilet in San Diego. It remains a mystery how the Colombian rainbow boa ended up in the toilet, but officials think it may have been seeking water. Fortunately, it survived the incident.

Weirder still is the incident in which an Israeli man who tried to use a toilet in July 2013 received an unfortunate snake bite on his penis.

If you're still skeptical of these tales of lavatory interlopers, Slate's "A Brief History of Toilet-Based Animal Attacks" is essential reading.



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