06/09/2015 01:11 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2015

Some Guy Recited Every NBA Player's Height, Weight And School From Memory

When it comes to memorizing sports minutiae, the Insane Memory Guy has total recall. Almost.

In a video posted to YouTube on June 3, IMG spit out every NBA player's height, weight and school or country of origin from memory. As a friend reads each player's name, Insane Memory Guy spits out the vitals.

There are some YouTube doubters, but there are bound to be if you're watching a blindfolded man recite little details about hundreds of athletes by rote. IMG, also known as Taylor, said in a previous video that he has a photographic memory.

It wasn't total perfection for Insane Memory Guy, however, who wrote in the description of the clip that he made one unintentional mistake and asked viewers to name it.

And, of course, one YouTuber correctly pointed out that Insane Memory Guy appeared to botch the college of Udonis Haslem. IMG said "Miami, Florida," perhaps to distinguish it from Miami of Ohio. Haslem actually attended the University of Florida.

Taylor previously previously memorized the first round of the NFL draft and the names of every NBA player.



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