06/10/2015 05:36 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2015

If You Look Hard Enough, Vaginas Are Everywhere

“I think that all pussies are perfect, in being un-perfect... My pussy, your pussy, everybody’s pussy is f**king perfect.”

That's how Chelsea Jones responded when Bullett Media asked her to describe the perfect pussy. Amen, sister.

Jones and her friend Eva Sealove aren't usually asked by media outlets to describe their idea of the "perfect pussy" -- well, until recently. About nine months ago, the two L.A. natives created an Instagram account called "Look At This Pusssy," which curates images of objects and sceneries that look like vaginas.

In less than a year, the account has accumulated over 5,500 followers. Censoring anatomy can have a stigmatizing effect, as if something must be hidden because of the way it looks. From t-shirts to different kinds of food and even tree trunks, the images on Jones' and Sealove's Instagram account prove that vaginas can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Jaunty af literally all day @cjkut

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Although the images may be a bit NSFW, the two say they created the account to remind everyone that vaginas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And each vagina is perfect.

By posting different images of objects that look like vaginas, Sealove and Jones hope to normalize attitudes towards vaginas and all the shapes and sizes they come in. The two post images they've taken and also accept submissions.

"I wanted to create a space where people can feel like ‘it’s normal to feel like this’ or ‘it’s normal that I look like this,'" Jones told Bullett. "Everything is a pussy and everything about a pussy is beautiful. I don’t want anyone to ever feel shame about that and this is sort of a way for us to drive home that message, and be funny with it too."

Jones said that she and Sealove want to empower women with "Look At This Pusssy," and they love that some of their followers are teenage girls. "To me, I don’t think there’s anything vulgar about our account because our message is anti-shame and acceptance of your own body," Sealove said. "It makes me really emotional to see girls at that age respond to our content. It’s really hopeful to me, because of how hard it is to grow up as a female and come into your own."

Take a look at a few (semi-NSFW) images from Sealove's and Jones' "Look At This Pusssy" account that look very similar to vaginas.

This pussy is a progressive male pussy wanting to do right by female counterpart. Bend ur brain 4 a couple secs and consider males (sis-penip males & otherwise): Pussy making some progress these days (s/0) but with advancement of pussy female/ female gender comes inevitable crisis of masculinity leading to many Q's for males including but not limited to: Am I creepy? Am I the patriarchy (I don't think so bc i try to be Nice guy but perhaps I doth protest too much or some shit?)? Am I useful? Here's the deal, males, if I may be so bold (I may be bc I can do wtvr tf I want duh): The pussy empathize w the struggle to be Correct and Nice male. We do not hate u bc we love ourselves. If u are Nice guy and treat pussy female with Consideration, this is much appreciated and the best way. TY 4 have awareness. Corrective action probably most potent on a 1- 1 level; systemic change happens gradually between individual Humans in relationships so act like a fuckng Human and listen to the ideas of other Humans. V simple. A kiss! to u and ur kin. @mgilmore1112

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is everything a lie or is this the sweetest little grandma pussssy @ex_florist

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a spoonful frm heave @elle598

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this is meta pussy. Do not be disrespect toward this placid creature who is in repose and purring. S/0 @unfucked_420

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Head over to "Look At This Pusssy" to see more from Sealove and Jones.



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