06/13/2015 12:46 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2015

Mitt Romney Used A PowerPoint Presentation To Criticize Barack Obama, Because Of Course He Did

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Mitt Romney wants you to know that he was right and Barack Obama, the man he lost to in the 2012 presidential election, was wrong. And so, the Olympics savior and turnaround specialist extraordinaire did perhaps the most Mitt Romney thing ever on Friday when he used a PowerPoint presentation to list his grievances with the president's record on foreign policy.

The Washington Post reports:

Slide by slide, Romney ticked through 20 mistakes, from Obama’s “Middle East apology tour” to the president’s lack of support for Iran’s green revolution to the administration’s infamous “reset” with Russia.

“With all that bad news, is it not true that arguably President Obama is the worst foreign policy president in history?” Romney asked. “I think he is.”

Hosting his annual ideas festival at Park City, Utah, with more than 200 CEOs and a number of presidential contenders in attendance, Romney also took it to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he called the “Secretary of Schlep.”

“She was everywhere,” Romney said, according to the Post, but argued that she made “mistake after mistake after mistake.”

His remarks may have been particularly awkward for one member of the audience. Robert Gates, Obama's former secretary of defense, was seated near the back of the room, the Post reported.



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