06/14/2015 02:49 pm ET

Michael Jordan Is 'Pretty Sure' He Could Defeat The Hornets In One-On-One

Streeter Lecka via Getty Images

Michael Jordan's name is always thrown into the great NBA debates: Is Kobe better than MJ? Is LeBron better than MJ?

Well, the G.O.A.T. thinks there is someone he could take on: the Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan, who owns the NBA franchise, told French outlet L'Equipe in an interview posted Saturday that he's "pretty sure" he could take the squad.

"I'm pretty sure I can, so I don't want to do that and demolish their confidence," Jordan, said when asked if he could win against some of his players in one-on-one. "So I stay away from them, I let them think they're good, think that they are good -- but I'm too old to do that anyway."

Jordan is 52, but the Hornets did finish with a 33-49 record this past season (and 28th in both points per game and offensive rating). So maybe not totally a stretch.

Jordan's remarks come around the 2:59 mark.

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