06/22/2015 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Taste Test Reveals Blue Cheese Dressing Is Better When Store Bought

Cooking is all about making things from scratch, and the magazine Cook's Country is basically an ode to that. So it came as a bit of a shock when staff conducted a blue cheese dressing taste test and found that the homemade version lost to a store-bought brand. And it wasn't a high-end, store-bought blue cheese dressing either, but a well-known, very common (and apparently well-loved) brand.

Before we reveal the winner of this blue cheese dressing taste test, there are a couple of interesting points the testers of Cook's Country pointed out -- specific things to avoid when buying the store-bought variety. First, avoid dressings with sugar in them. They'll taste way too sweet and overpower the flavor of the blue cheese. Second, don't assume that the refrigerated dressings are tastier than shelf-stable dressings -- they turned out to be some of the worst options. And finally, look for dressings made with vegetable oil instead of canola oil. Dressings made with canola oil oxidize and pick up flavors of other ingredients, and that's no good.

Now, for the winner. Watch the taste test video below to find out.

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