06/16/2015 04:30 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton Just Gave This Kid The Best Excuse To Miss School

There's a lot of debate over whether children should miss school for life experiences, but we have a feeling 9-year-old Ollie Olsen will get a free pass with his presidential alibi.

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted a photo of a note that Ollie appears to have written letting his teacher know he'd be absent from class to meet the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

The former Secretary of State signed the note with her full name of Hillary Rodham Clinton and included a footnote that the signature is no joke -- thought we bet her tweet will clear up any doubts about its authenticity.

It's unknown what event Ollie was attending and where he attends school.

Clinton isn't the first politician to sign a kid's absence note -- President Barack Obama and expected GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie both pulled the stunt in 2012 -- but the pardons never fail to be totally adorable.



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