Keith Hernandez Says He Gets $3,000 In Royalties For 'Seinfeld'

From a sitcom that once featured a show about "nothing," baseball great Keith Hernandez is still earning plenty for doing the same.

The former National League MVP and New York Mets hero revealed a healthy ballpark amount for the royalties he receives from his "Seinfeld" appearances.

"It gives me around $3,000 per year," Hernandez told in an earlier interview picked up Monday by For The Win. "I’ll take it. For doing nothing. So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get.”

Hernandez, currently a Mets announcer, said the checks come regularly. "I’m going to say they show my episode a lot. So I’m going to say I get a check every month. Nothing less than six weeks. They show it all the time. It’s international and everything.”

In a story line that featured him as Jerry's bromantic interest who was dating Elaine to Jerry's chagrin, Hernandez first appeared in "The Boyfriend: Part I," and "The Boyfriend: Part 2" on Feb. 12, 1992. He also was in the series finale in 1998.

By contrast, former Mets reliever Roger McDowell, who made a short but pivotal cameo in "The Boyfriend," told Fox Sports that he receives $13.52 every time that "Seinfeld" runs. It pays to be a star.

Here are Jerry, George and Keith meeting at the gym:



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