06/16/2015 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The KettlePizza Turns Your Regular Grill Into A Backyard Pizzeria, 'Cuz Why Not?

Move over, bangles: we've found a new must-have summertime accessory.

You know how a brick oven produces pizza with a super-crisp crust that's still soft and chewy in the middle? And you know how you can never seem to replicate that in your conventional oven? That's because brick pizza ovens fire upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which your oven just isn't capable of doing. But there is a solution. Enter KettlePizza -- the outdoor, wood-fired oven kit you can attach to your grill.

This brilliant contraption turns your home into the backyard pizza parlor you never knew you wanted (and probably don't need, but that's beside the point). Fire up your grill with charcoal and hardwood, attach the KettlePizza sleeve, and it'll heat to 750 degrees or more. It can cook pizzas in five minutes flat.



You can custom-make your KettlePizzas with any toppings you desire. The gadget's inventor -- who seems to share the sentiment of most users -- admits that while backyard KettlePizza isn't the best pizza he's ever eaten, it's "pretty darn good."

KettlePizza retails for $139.95 at, though we found one on Amazon for as low as $110.39. Various add-ons include a special "Tombstone" grate for higher temperatures and a "deluxe kit" with a pizza peel and pizza stone.

We'd skip the delivery charge and do this ANY day. Check out some of our favorite grilled pizza recipes below, and get grillin'.

Grilled Pizza Recipes

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