06/16/2015 05:17 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2015

This Is What It's Like To Watch Your Ex Fall In Love On Social Media

These days, cutting ties with your ex after a breakup is easier said than done. You could go cold turkey -- delete them entirely on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networks -- but Facebook stalking checking in on him or her occasionally is just too hard to resist.

The BuzzFeed video above -- an adaptation of a great essay by Kirsten King -- captures the experience perfectly: the way you generally visit your ex's page late at night, the shock of seeing him with some new mystery woman, how you then end up Facebook stalking her.

Our favorite part of King's story? The way she gradually moves on and finds the silver-lining in revisiting past relationships.

"Visiting him reminds me that I am capable of love, and that I am worthy of love," she explains. "It reminds me that when you truly care for another person, it never really goes away."



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