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06/18/2015 09:31 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2015

19 Pieces Of Athens Graffiti That Perfectly Sum Up The Attitude Of Young Greeks

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The neighborhood of Exarcheia is different. That’s what several people told me when I first arrived in Athens. I knew that this neighborhood is Greece’s anarchist stronghold, a kind of ‘80s Berlin Kreuzberg in Athens.

In this place you’ll find anarchists, foreigners, families, students, intellectuals and artists living next to each other. Most houses aren’t renovated, many facades are crumbling. The police supposedly only dare to enter the neighborhood with a big force, because in previous years there were several violent anti-government protests (an exciting video report on Exarchia can be found here).

During my expedition through the neighborhood I couldn’t shake the feeling that it’s not simply just the frustration of a few left-wing long-term students that can be found here. The district is representative of many young Greeks, of the lifestyle of a generation that has already given up on politics. For university graduates who can’t find a job, for creative artists who want to make the best out of the crisis -- and for those who no longer see any future in their country.

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