06/22/2015 09:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oh, Nothing, Just Dwyane Wade's Dad In A Cavs Jersey ... WAIT, WHAT?!

Dwyane Wade Sr. -- father of Dwayne Wade Jr., the Miami Heat superstar and probable soon-to-be free agent -- needed to throw on something before he went to church for Father's Day on Sunday. Oh, and what an outfit he threw on.

Dwane wade's dad speaking at my church !! Happy fathers day everyone

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A Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirt. Huh. Well, isn't that interesting? Especially considering Wade recently spoke about the Heat in the past tense on live TV?

Freudian slip much, Dwyane?

Or considering some fans have noticed Wade’s PR team has apparently stopped calling Wade "Miami Heat Champion Dwyane Wade," now simply calling him "NBA Champion Dwyane Wade."

Or considering LeBron was caught in a hot mic moment this season telling Wade, “Like I said, if we aren't better this year, we're gonna reunite again and do some bigger and better things, alright?" (We're just presenting the facts as we see them.)

Or considering Wade has been reportedly “upset” with the Heat regarding his contract negotiations?

Or considering his wife, Gabrielle Union, recently had this cryptic response to a question about it all?


Is it possible, like 99 percent of all conspiracy theories, that these are really just a collection of random events that only raise eyebrows when presented in a convincing and linear manner that overlooks other, more obvious truths? Yes.

Is it possible Dwyane’s dad is just supporting his son’s friend, LeBron James? Or that this is a larger familial ploy to make the Heat nervous enough to throw more money at D-Wade than they presently feeling comfortable throwing? Or that Dwyane’s dad maybe just had a free Cavs T-shirt laying around and tossed it on without much thought? Sure. It's all possible. After all, Dwyane's sister is trying to deny the T-shirt meant anything. Wade is floating some supposed interest in the Los Angeles Lakers.

But let's not be sheep, people. See the forest for the trees. Remember LeBron's moving vans? We should have known then, and we should know now.



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