06/22/2015 04:48 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2015

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Has 'Aggressive' Cancer

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announced Monday he has an advanced cancer of the lymph nodes.

Appearing in a news conference alongside his family, Hogan said he first noticed a lump in his throat prior to an official trip to Asia earlier this month. Doctors diagnosed him upon his return to the U.S. with an "aggressive" cancer that had "spread very rapidly" to his abdomen and spine.

"I'm going to face this challenge with the same energy and determination I've relied on to climb every hill and overcome every obstacle I've faced in my life," he said.

The newly elected governor said he will undergo extensive chemotherapy and that doctors estimate the process will take about 18 weeks. Hogan's cabinet and lieutenant governor, Boyd Rutherford, will support him in his official duties.

Hogan sounded optimistic that he would beat the cancer, noting that his doctors had said his treatment plan has a "very strong chance of success."

"The odds of beating this are much, much better than the odds I had of beating Anthony Brown," he joked, referring to his Democratic opponent in last year's gubernatorial election. "Most likely I'm going to lose my hair. I won't have these beautiful gray locks."

"I know I won't just beat this disease, but that I'll be a better and stronger person and governor when we get to the other side of it," he added.



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