06/22/2015 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Naked Man Screams 'I'm On Fire'; Pours Milk On Himself In Superstore

Remember the milkman? This is not him.

Two Kentucky men were arrested on Saturday, three days after one filmed the other running naked through a Walmart, pouring milk on his head and screaming "I'm on fire!"

Footage of the incident shows an individual wearing nothing but socks, shoes, and what is described by news outlets as a Halloween mask.

David Daniels, of Belfry, and Timothy Smith, of Phelps, allegedly pulled the prank on Wednesday at the Walmart in South Williamson, WOWKTV reports.

The county sheriff believes both men are guilty of indecent exposure.

"I wouldn't want to go in Walmart and see somebody walking around naked or running around naked, so they need to go to jail," Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott told WKYT.

No word on whether the suspects stopped off for cookies before fleeing the scene.

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