06/22/2015 09:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How One Eyeshadow Palette Can Replace Your Entire Makeup Bag

Between the sweltering heat and humidity, the dog days of summer are the perfect time to pare down and simplify your makeup routine. Former Miss USA Susie Castillo, author of Confidence Is Queen, says there's really only one thing you need to keep in your bag this season. In the above #OWNSHOW video, she explains how to take you from day to night, perk up your lips and highlight your cheeks -- all with one product.

What is this magic makeup mulitasker? A neutral eyeshadow palette, Castillo says. It’s the perfect thing to keep in your bag to help you easily transition your look from desk to dinner. "I like to continue with the same look that I have during the day and just punch it up with the darker side," she says.

In the morning, Castillo uses the lighter shades in the palette. As the day goes on, she updates her look with darker tones. Most palettes come with a dual-sided brush, which Castillo says is perfect for applying eyeliner. Use the flat end of the brush and don't be afraid to dip into the darker shadows -- the effect will still be soft and light, she says.

Though most palettes are marketed for just the eyes, Castillo assures that these neutral pigments can be used for so much more. One of her favorite tricks is to dip a pinky finger into one of the palette's shimmery gold shadows. Dot the shimmer over your lip gloss, she says, to give lips an instant little pop.

Another trick Castillo loves is applying eyeshadow on her cheeks. Just like blush, a neutral eyeshadow works great for highlighting cheekbones.

Nearly every cosmetics company makes a neutral palette in a variety of price points, but Castillo says she isn't loyal to just one brand -- the important thing, she explains, is to find a palette with colors ranging from soft and flat to smokey and shimmery. "[Neutral] goes with every skin tone and there's a palette out there for every girl," she promises.

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